Magicard Rio Pro 360 Single Sided ID Card Printer

Magicard Rio Pro 360 Single Sided ID Card Printer

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Magicard Rio Pro 360 Single Sided ID Card Printer with FREE Hot Swap*

No Longer available - superseded see our Magicard 600 - the new 600Dpi printer

Magicard Rio Pro 360 ID Card Printer

The Magicard Rio Pro 360 has all the features of the original Rio Pro but with faster print speed, increased capacity, improved print quality, up to 10 custom holokote designs and more....
All of this is powered by the all new LYNK onboard intelligence – for identity with an IQ.

LYNK intelligence

The Rio Pro 360 is the first desktop ID card printer with an embedded Linux-based module. This enables seamless communication with existing infrastructure, high quality print and the secure processing of ID data.

Optimised intelligence

The 360 is Magicard’s fastest printer to date. The new electronics and software platform has enabled significant performance improvements. From the moment you hit print, the 360 instantly gets to work. Full colour cards with HoloKote® print in just 18 seconds click-to-card.

The LYNK onboard module has a wider colour spectrum to choose from. Printing is even more vibrant and colour rich – which on an ID card means a truer representation of the subject.

Secure intelligence

Like its predecessor, the Rio Pro 360 can print an anti-fraud customised watermark on every card. LYNK now enables the secure online delivery of bespoke HoloKote® watermarks to the printer.

Where previously only one design was available per printer, now users can store up to ten.

Connectivity intelligence

LYNK recognises Ethernet and can easily be integrated with most third-party applications locally or in the cloud.

Versatile intelligence

The state-of-the-art Rio Pro 360 is a cost-effective way to create secure ID cards in high volumes. The choice of 100 or 200 input card hoppers provides users with the opportunity to batch print large number of cards in one go.

Print full colour secure photo ID badges, membership cards, smart cards and access control badges. Choose the right printing solution for your needs. Our patented HoloKote™ anti-counterfeiting visual security feature, 3 year Ultra Cover Plus warranty on specific models and renowned support. The Rio Pro is built for professionals to Magicard ID Card Printers exacting standards.


  • High quality printer for professional card printers
  • Single sided card printing or Double sided easy onsite upgrade
  • Edge-to-edge printing
  • 3 Year Warranty including the Print Head
  • 100 card input hopper
  • 70 card output hopper
  • Hand feed capability
  • Quick print speed
  • Standard and bespoke (option) HoloKote card watermark
  • Optional Magnetic Stripe and Smart Card Encoding

Contact the team at IDCW now for details.

*Hot Swap for life of warranty period

Magicard Printers can print Rewritable Cards time and time again

Rewritable cards have one glossy side in PVC for colour/monochrome dye sublimation printing and a matte finish rewritable side with a blue or black thermo chromic material that can be printed for up to 500 rewrite cycles. So with the Enduro and Rio Pro, you can, for example, batch print a colour design on one side of your cards, remove the ribbon and then use the rewrite feature and hand-feed slot to individually print, erase and update information in blue or black over and over on the other side.

Easy Cleaning instructions:


HoloKote ® ID Card Security

ID card security has been a ongoing issue with a significant trade off against price.

Until now! With the introduction of the patented Holokote®, cards can now feature unique custom, watermark images that are printed during the standard printing process.

A custom HoloKote® prints your logo or image into the overlay panel during the normal card printing cycle, providing increased ID Card Security and anti-counterfeit protection to your cards. The feature is a frosted like image that is invisible when viewed normally. When flexed or held at an angle in direct light, your latent image becomes clearly visible.

The custom HoloKote® is designed to be used with our Magicard Rio Pro Plastic Card Printer for enhanced ID Card Security.

We reserve the right to hold delivery until funds have cleared.


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