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We can help you choose the correct Mifare card (Smartcard) for your business!


Many of us use Mifare (Smartcards) cards on a regular basis.  Mifare technology is being increasing used in many industries including Event ticketing, Transport cards, Student cards amongst others & of course, not forgetting Access Management.   Mifare cards are 13.56 mHZ contactless cards which comply with the ISO14443A industry standards (not to be confused with Proximity cards which are 125 kHZ cards).  They are powered by an internal antenna which reacts once the card moves into a magnetic field.  The Mifare range consists of Mifare Classic, Mifare Desfire, Mifare Ultralight and Mifare Plus (Plus X and Plus S) with different memory sizes available. 

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Happy New Year!   Welcome to 2018!!

 We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. We look forward to catching up and supporting you in 2018. We have started the year with the Datacard SD260 printer on special. Have a look at our Online store specials:



Have a look at the latest addition to the range of Card printers in our card production bureau - the XID8600 and Laminator!  


Not only does the XID8600 print in beautiful "over the edge" colour, but its print resolution is a huge 600dpi!

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Need a new ID Card Printer??  Now is the perfect time to upgrade your old ID Card Printer for a brand new Datacard Card Printer.


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Have a look at our range of Topaz Electronic Signature Capture Pads, now with Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity!! 

Topaz® offers several of its signature pads with Bluetooth editions. Benefits include rechargeable batteries, LCD and non-LCD display options, small and large format pads, and high-quality capture techniques. 

Topaz also offers several of its signature pads with Wi-Fi connection editions. Benefits include significantly-increased connection range, customizable LCD display, and high-quality capture techniques.



Thank you Dominic for our Product Demonstration & Training on the Anjary Biometric and RFID Logon for Windows PC.

It was very interesting, We are very excited to release these new products to our online store!! 

Use your finger as your logon. Never forget your Password again!

For an easy to use Keyless Entry to your current Computer - check out these products! 

Anjary Biometric Logon

Anjary RFID Logon







ID Attend partnered with ID Cardworld are currently attending the 2017 Queensland Secondary Principals Conference Synergy.

This conference program recognises and celebrates the leadership of Queensland Secondary Principals and Deputy Principals. It provides a platform for professional learning and collegiality.

Queensland schools come say Hi!!:)

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Stumpy came to say hi to the ID Cardworld team today!!



Promotional Gifts
Personalised Corporate Promotional Gifts

IDCW can supply customised Corporate Promotional Gifts to represent your brand. A promotional gift of a USB Flash Drive with your Company logo is a great way to market your business and be remembered.

Not sure which one you need? Contact IDCW® and discuss which one best suits your requirements on 02 9651 6000.