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Large Oversized ID Card Printers


Pe2m Oversized Plastic Card Printers. Printed oversized cards are great for sporting events and also concerts. Large format printer prints onto large plastic cards.

The extra large cards allow for easy identification by security personnel at a glance (enhancing security and marketing)


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Product no.: P-P-2XL-2.0

Pe2M 2XL 2.0 Oversized Plastic Card Printer - great for personalising extra large cards in the XXL format

Product no.: P-P-2XCR100

Pe2M 2XCR100 Oversized Extra Large Plastic Card Printer can print badges in the CR100 format

Product no.: Pe2M 2Xtended

The Pe2M 2Xtended long format plastic card printer personalises extra long tickets for venues and major events