RFID Shields

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Prevent electronic pickpocketing, identify theft and payment fraud by breaking/blocking the personal information being sent by radio waves from your credit cards, passports, and other ID cards including Smartcards. Credit card readers can be easily purchased that will read the credit account number, expiration date and, in some cases, even name off your new RFID enabled credit card. These readers can easily be concealed by electronic pickpocketers so that someone could walk through a crowd, ride on a train, elevator, or other crowded area and steal neaby credit card information without the card holder ever knowing it happened. IDCW identity card shield products create an RFID shield by blocking the electromagnetic energy necessary to power and communicate with contactless smart cards, credit cards and passports.


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Credit Card Shield

Product no.: CH-RFBLSCR

$14.40 / 5 unit(s) *
1 unit(s) = $2.88
Delivery weight: 1 kg

RFID Secure Single Card Holder Classic Black

Product no.: CH-RFIDCC

$38.90 / 10 unit(s) *
1 unit(s) = $3.89
Delivery weight: 1 kg

Black Dual Sided Heavy Duty RFID (Smartcard) Blocking Card Holder

Product no.: CH-IDCW308GB

$255.00 / 100 unit(s) *
1 unit(s) = $2.55
Delivery weight: 2 kg